Dear Members,

Welcome to the new Cedele Rewards Platform. We are currently undergoing our soft launch/ beta test of this new platform before we make the official launch. If you are experiencing any problems with log-in, please send us an email at

As existing members, we have made some upgrades to the membership benefits that you will enjoy immediately! They are:

  1. 5% rebates on your purchases, throughout. The 5% rebate is calculated on nett pricing (before GST/Service Charge) and after any promotional discount/pricing)
  2. Members now also receives the following e-vouchers in their account during their birthday month in additional to the double rebates
  3. Better Value! New Member Fees - We aim for Cedele to be your source of healthy food, every day of the week! Thus our new sign up fees are

If you have any queries, please email us at,

Thank You!

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